About Us

Ooreed Business Incubator is a project launched by GS Consulting, a platform specialized in providing incubation services for businesses, projects, start-ups, and small companies, and work from home, licensed by the Ministry of Commerce to obtain consulting services, studies, research, plans, training, and other services that are provided to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs for Supporting the pilgrims with their work.

Ooreed platform is a commercial application that employs the concept of smart e-shopping for start-ups and small projects and working from home in the community from actual participation in the economic sector, promoting the products and services of their projects, and enhancing the values ​​of production and investment for the benefit of the economy, family, society and the state with benefit, development and continuous development.

The application employs technology to facilitate consumers’ access to a category of services, products, and services for all projects, as well as a variety of other products by creating an integrated environment that brings together leaders, business owners, customers, buyers, and markets.